SOTSPROF is the oldest organization of trade unions of the new Russia


The well-known trade union organization in the country has been the more than 20-year history. Established in 1989, SOTSPROF was the only alternative at the time operating under the wing of the Communist Party official Soviet trade union associations of workers - the All-Union Central Union of Trade Unions (Trade Unions). The purpose formed in the wake of the restructuring of an independent public organization of new unions was simple and straightforward. The epoch of the socialist transformation of the economy - in the market. In the changing labor relations people needed union protection is not really built for the Soviet incentives to work and to labor legislation and international experience of the trade union movement in the countries with developed market economies. With the advent of the first independent trade union, the citizens have a choice whom to entrust the protection of labor rights and interests, "school of communism" - the All, or join the ranks of the independent Trade Union SOTSPROF created by the lower labor groups for real protection of labor rights and economic interests. In contrast to the Council of Trade Unions, who succeeded the Soviet collapse tainted ideology sign on FITUR, SOTSPROF its name never changed. Because it was originally designed not as an instrument of social policy, but as a social initiative from the bottom to protect the rights of workers in their relations with employers.

Even in the years of the Soviet Union, trade unions SOTSPROF actively participated in the development of Soviet Law "On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees." Later SOTSPROF combined free trade unions of the Russian Federation and is now a real force in the trade union movement in the country. In modern legal framework regulating union activity, clearly states that the membership or non-membership of unions - not entail any restrictions social, labor, political and other rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. In the new Russia SOTSPROF primarily protects fixed in the latest version of Federal Law № 10-FZ of 12 January 1996 "On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees" the right of union members to freely use their abilities to work, choose the type of activity and occupation, and the right to remuneration for work without any discrimination.

Basic principles of SOTSPROF

Trade union activity is based on the principles of democratic confederalism combining independent local organizations to the coordinating role for the center to achieve the statutory goals of the organization. Democratic structure allows organizations SOTSPROF union associations in their activities as guided SOTSPROF Charter and its annexes, and its own statutes. Regulations on the primary trade union organization SOTSPROF defined - decision of the primary trade union organization, can not be canceled by any authority SOTSPROF. Due to the rules of the TC structure allows SOTSPROF proffessionalnym industry unions and other labor organizations are not part of United Trade Unions of Russia SOTSPROF, use SOTSPROF Charter based on the agreement on cooperation, while retaining membership in their professional association. This form of association to successfully realize their potential and to express themselves well in the public proceedings of any trade union.

Organizational structure SOTSPROF

As enshrined in the Charter Sotsprof, all-Russian trade unions - a voluntary association of union members - employees of one or more branches of activity, bound by common social, labor and professional interests, effective on the whole territory of the Russian Federation or in the territories of more than half of the subjects of the Russian Federation or to include at least half of total number of employees of one or more branches of activity. Russian trade union SOTSPROF includes all-Russian, interregional trade unions, consisting of regional organizations, trade union organizations in enterprises and labor groups, regional and territorial professional association and trade union organizations that are not in unions

SOTSPROF and directly applicable in the Union.

Structural units SOTSPROF are created as needed and as a representative SOTSPROF: this separate divisions or individuals who created or appointed by the Central Council of the Coordinating Council SOTSPROF or its unions to represent and protect the interests of SOTSPROF in the Federal Districts of the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation and abroad.

SOTSPROF Russia in the union movement

Association of trade unions of Russia SOTSPROF dynamically developing, covering already majority of Russian regions. Our unifying force becomes so attractive that a popular name SOTSPROF are some pseudo-clones union structures that do not have a legitimate Unified Trade Union of Russia SOTSPROF irrelevant. Do not allow yourself to cheat and use the information on this professional association SOTSPROF only from the official site. Here you can learn about the work of our trade union, its leaders and their meeting with the trade unions supported by United Russia SOTSPROF it as an alternative FITUR new union - the President of the Russian Federation, as well as the lighting of the association SOTSPROF mainstream media. Draw attention of visitors to our website that legitimate SOTSPROF addition to its easy to identify all the names and officially registered the logo in the form of horses that no one else has a legal right to use. Be alert and fussy, just get in touch with this joint SOTSPROF Trade Unions of Russia, all the information which is available at this Web site! The doors of our trade union open to all. We actively register new affiliates are willing to join the free trade union SOTSPROF. Not prevent the return to our ranks and those organizations who, for various reasons, at some stage, have been involved in illegal work by creating parallel structures. The ranks of our member organizations today are supplemented for the first time to join a union of employees, and by those who are disappointed in the FITUR and other trade union organizations. We welcome the wise and mature on all our colleagues in the trade union work in thousands of labor groups across the country - combined with legitimate SOTSPROF through consolidation capabilities for joint defense of our common labor rights in their relations with employers.

SOTSPROF most "old" of free trade unions of Russia, and is different among them the highest number of members and trade union organizations. SOTSPROF uses more advanced collective bargaining, labor protection system, are accurate and appropriate instruments of collective action problems, efficiency in work and a focus on results.

Association of trade unions of Russia SOTSPROF cooperates with the free trade unions, which are recognized as a real union, the crucial problem of increasing wages, improving the safety of these methods using the union's work as a collective agreement, collective agreement, responsible strikes, other forms of collective action.

The main goals and objectives at this stage SOTSPROF

The most important task is work SOTSPROF union activists to protect the interests of workers. Building a civilized legal relations of trade unions and employers and their representatives SOTSPROF carries through collective bargaining in the workplace.

In reaching agreement with other free trade unions in the field of legislation and the exchange of information on practical issues of trade union activities, including the use of judicial practice and experience the conclusion of collective agreements - SOTSPROF sees a new stage in the development of the free trade union movement in Russia.

Association of trade unions of Russia considers SOTSPROF not strike as a weapon to influence power structures, as well as a tool for the resolution of labor conflicts in a specific company. SOTSPROF will continue the practice of conflict-search pretrial or judicial resolution of labor disputes, using the active work of his legal and technical labor inspections. Trade union, its organization has gained in this business a great experience and has won in various courts several hundred processes to protect the rights of workers and their trade union organizations.

Organization of the educational complex to conduct training seminars union activists will promote professional growth and increase its capacity to solve problems of statutory trade union associations. This work is already underway.
Regular production of training and thematic brochures allows union associations to organize an exchange of information between their structural organization and promote their practices to protect workers' rights.

Actively developing information portal, where in the on-line laid out the most important news and operational highlights the events that occur in trade unions SOTSPROF. A large section of the site - the media about the activities of SOTSPROF from which we can conclude on the extent and depth of the work carried out by trade union association. Find the unique service that allows to ask questions on employment law online qualified lawyer and providing all documentation for a local organization. The plans of the Association of Trade Unions of Russia SOTSPROF further development and this information resource, which should be another tool in the real work of the primary trade union organizations.

The association of Russian trade unions SOTSPROF patiently and persistently urges union public to unite all alternative FITUR union structures. We call for unity and harmonious work together to achieve common goals. We do this in accordance with the Charter SOTSPROF, and with respect to the Constitution and the views of our fellow colleagues from other trade unions. Without overcoming fragmented movement alternative FITUR free trade unions risk not keep up the pace of development to a level even more influential in the federal scale social force. Overcoming personal ambitions of individual union leaders in the name of unification union forces in the country and the development of the powerful organization - is objectively in the interests of trade unions and of each individual member of the union. For only the combined (both at the federal level and in the regions) to a capable, well-managed and coordinated by the All-Russian wage laborers, modern trade union organizations of the new Russia can effectively fulfill its constitutional responsibilities.